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Fish Hawk Trails HOA – COVID-19

Dear Fish Hawk Trails Homeowners and Residents:

The constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world is unprecedented.  It is indeed a time of uncertainty for us all.  At this challenging time, we want to ensure that the community association has constant contact with owners in order to help the situation as much as possible.  Accordingly, we appreciate your attention to this notice and those we will send in the future.

Before addressing details of our operation, the HOA’s board of directors wants to thank our healthcare professionals and others who are on the front lines trying to address this pandemic, especially those professionals who live in our community. We appreciate your service and sacrifices.

The HOA board encourages everyone to take care to protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19.  Based upon government orders and media reports, we encourage everyone to stay at home as much as possible.  Please also exercise great care when encountering others, including exercising social distancing and proper hygiene.

Our community association is monitoring the increased restrictions and recommended guidelines for business operations, and we have taken some additional actions to help protect staff, vendors, management, and members of the community during these unprecedented times.  Specifically, in response to the current situation, we have implemented the following practices:

  • The March/April Board meeting is suspended.  The Board remains available to address emergencies should they occur.  Communications will, however, be by telephone, email and electronic conferences whenever possible.
  • ACC Submissions will continue to be submitted to the ACC Committee electronically. The ACC will review and advise accordingly.  If you have large blueprints that are not in an electronic format, please arrange for them to be placed in an electronic format and submit them via email or a dropbox.
  • All Clubhouse events and access are suspended until further notice. The Community Manager will remain available to work with any member who needs assistance during business hours via telephone (813) 815-5057 or email
  • The trails, playgrounds and tennis courts in Fish Hawk Trails are low traffic areas that are not indoors.  If using these facilities, please continue to practice appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices.  Please note that amenities on the playgrounds and tennis courts, which are outdoors and not able to be locked down by the HOA, are not sanitized and disinfected.  Please exercise appropriate caution under the circumstances.

We will continue to monitor recommended guidelines and mandatory government orders.  To the extent that they impact our operation or the community in general, we will let everyone know via email blasts to the community and or via the website.


Thank you for your patience and exercise of caution to protect yourself, your family and neighbors.


Bill Wright
Fish Hawk Trails

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