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Fish Hawk Trails Weather Station

TOM CAMPION Weather_Station

Our Resident Tom Campion has installed a weather station in his back yard and Weather Underground recognizes it as 1 of 2 approved weather stations in the Fish Hawk Trails Area.

The rain storm rate and total rain is very accurate as is the running wind avg. and wind gusts. Weather Underground uses the PWS’s to make fairly good predictions vs. National Weather Service as they are more for just the very local area of Lithia and Fish Hawk Trails. The barometric pressure is key and that is also spot on as he had to provide the precise correct Lat/Long and altitude. The altitude is also precisely where he has the station. Took me some time to get it spot on as it had to be positioned with correct compass headings. He will take the station down once a month for some maintenance but that should only take ½ day and the PWS allows him to alert folks that it is down for maintenance. Click here to view more information about our weather.


Fish Hawk Trails (KFLLITHI5) KFLLITHI5

Just go to Weather Underground and use the above ID. That easy.

If you lose electric at your house or anywhere, my station will still be powered by the full home generator. And you still can access this station via cell phone with either a smartphone or iphone ….with Weather Underground apps for your cell phones. It will come in handy in the event of severe weather like a hurricane up to cat 2 or Tropical storm or if you are not home. All up to you all if you wish to use. The apps are free”.

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