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Governing Documents – Restatement of Declarations – Final

Dear Members of Fish Hawk Trails,

Happy New Year!

By now you should have received the Restated Declaration documents to be voted on at the January 30th annual meeting.  As we’ve mentioned before the documents which will soon expire are outdated as they have not kept up with the changes in the law over the years. They were actually written for the benefit of the developer.  At a significant and continued expense to our Association, two past Boards tried to get our community to vote on these necessary changes.  This will be our HOA’s third attempt.

We have solicited feedback from the members and where possible incorporated their recommendations into the document where possible. We have solicited feedback from our members and have incorporated their recommendations into the document where possible.  We recognize that there will be no document perfected enough to please everyone as such would be too monumental a task.  But, we have done our best to produce a document that that will serve us well for years to come.  Kicking the can, voter apathy, or complacency is not a viable option and the issue before us cannot continue to be ignored, so PLEASE VOTE!  Return your proxies to our property manager as soon as possible either by US Mail or drop off at the Club or Gatehouse.

Fish Hawk Trails Declaration Restatement – FINAL  

2019-12 Proxy Form

Thanks for your support!